Not good news

Probably on Monday I will receive my equipment from customs.

When I walked shopping in town I was attacked by two big dogs and one of them bitten slightly my leg.

That is how DXpeditions looks sometimes…

9 thoughts on “Not good news”

  1. Hopefully no severe injuries.
    Stay safe and take good care of yourself, dogbites can be nasty!
    Hope everything works out.
    Really looking forward to working you for DXCC #338.
    73 Hans

  2. I remain ATNO. Please take care of your health and make DXPEDI a success. I’m rooting for you. JH6QOK

  3. I was moved by “SP9FIH” Janusz’s DX-pedition activities for 40 years.
    We are deeply grateful to you for providing QSO in many remote areas and island countries where ham QSO is difficult, and we would like to thank you for 40 years of wonderful and dynamic activity.
    On the air…GL

    Kyu, HL2WA

  4. hay Janusz,
    dogbites can be bad – check your leg periodically, to control blood poisoning.
    all the best and tnx 4 all your dx-work.
    73 de Walter, OE6IWG

  5. PJ5 is a new band at 15m. I’m looking forward to QSO. By the way, I heard that you were bitten by a dog. Are you okay with your injuries? Please take care of yourself. Just in case, please be careful about rabies.

  6. Hallo Janus tks 60m FT8 last night. My new one 132 on 60m. Good signal in switzerland. GL 73 de Nick, HB9DDZ

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