Please do not make duplicate contacts!

As usual, many stations are repeating QSOs on same band and mode. Please, please do not duplicate. Somebody, who needs ATNO, could make contact when you are duplicating.

15 thoughts on “Please do not make duplicate contacts!”

  1. I’ve worked you on multiple bands using FT8/4 and received your verifications on LoTW. Thank you for that.
    However, on 40m you are showing that we have completed a QSO while I don’t have that in my log.
    I have tried working you many times since on 40m but I am getting the feeling that you may be ignoring previously worked stations.
    So which is it? Are you ignoring me or do I just have to keep trying?

    Thanks for being out there enduring the challenges of tropical islands for us!


  2. Hello Janusz,

    Thank you for all QSO today on 10m and 12m.
    It was easy to work you. On 10m, I used an Antron99. On 12m, I used a W3DZZ.
    I hope to work you on others bands.
    Enjoy your DXpedition.


    F4HQO Fred

  3. As a new general I had the privelage of making one of my first DX expeditions on this one. what a treat. Thanks for the work involved.

  4. Thank you for such a great work and all your QSOs, in the first days of March I completed QSOS in FT8 in 10m, 15m, and 40m but I still don’t see them in my log, my callsign is HJ4ADR, Tnx 73

  5. Worked you several times on different bands, Al confirmed in your club log. No, zero confirmation on LoTW, worked several other stations with club log they all confirmed on LoTW. Strange….

    1. Nothing strange. I confirm LotW 12 month after the end of Dxpedition for all stations. If you are in a hurry you can request (and pay) direct QSL and you will receive LotW in few day time. It is your choice – slow and free or fast and paid…

      1. Hello, no hurry, because your call was regularly updated at LoTW I did assume the update was from that period. Because of no confirmation on LoTW I made duplicate contact, was thinking the first QSO no good information wrong call etc.
        We’re good…..

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