60m last chance

I will try to change 40m antenna to work on 60m after the WPX Contest. So be prepared to check 60m on the night from 1st to 2nd April.

5 thoughts on “60m last chance”

  1. Hello Janusz,

    do you see any possibility to give 80 m SSB another chance, before you leave PJ5?

    VY 73 ES MNY TNX!

    Uwe (DH1UK)

  2. Hello Janusz, GA

    Can you try again in 6m FT8 today ?

    Band still open, and see your CQ more early

    211030 -19 0.1 628 ~ CQ PJ5/SP9FIH Saba & St. Eustatius

    Thanks in advance

    Tony, XE1H

      1. Thanks Janusz, looking for you in 6m; and in 60m FT8 too.

        See on the bands.

        73 de Tony, XE1H

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